If the heart of communism is equality for all, why do they always end up with some weird dictatorship?

 All previous revolutions were minority led ones in post-feudal circumstances, the capturing of power by elites. The socialist/communist revolution will be a majority one with a politically conscious working class establishing a post-capitalist society, run by us all.
Rather than a top-down administration/government over the majority, it will be a horizontal and interactive administration, over resources, by us, all self organised, locally, regionally, globally, using recallable delegates where required to specialise.
The ethos and operating tenet will be, “From each according to their ability, to each according ot their needs.”
Both needs and abilities will be self determined though.
This is why socialism has to be a ‘post-capitalist’ society, in order to utilise and harness the technological capacity which presently exists, allied with a working class eductated to run society themselve4s by and for all, to satisfy needs, by commonly owned production for use.
Which the present capitalist system can not do this, as it is market demand determined, privately, corporate or state owned for private profit and not needs determined.

Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson, Wage Slave at Capitalism (1956-present)

So many people presume that by default communism involves either a dictatorship or a totalitarian state machinery. When in actual fact the theoretical model of communism encapsulates a moneyless, classless and stateless society. Which logically means a society of Common Ownership where everybody contributes according to their abilities and everybody has free access to the common store in order to satisfy their needs. And this state of affairs by definition excludes any form of rulers and ruled.

Yet it seems when communism/socialism (they mean the same) are allegedly put into practice the result is still the topsy-turvy world of rulers and ruled where the search for equality is consigned to the file of ‘Utopian dreams’.

To get to the bottom of this paradox we need to understand that the axiom for Common Ownership requires a class conscious working class who are determined to achieve the goal of self-emancipation. And in order to achieve this goal they have to understand how capitalism works and why it don’t serve their interests to continue supporting a system which can only benefit a wealthy minority. In short, c/s will only be achieved once there’s a majority of socialists who: Have no trust in Leaders; apply critical thinking as a matter of course; seek no compromise with a hierarchical decision making process; and can think for themselves rather than let others do their thinking for them. Hence, the workers have adopted a mindset which encompasses all strands of what the concept of equality means in practice.

Whilst a class conscious working class still constitute a minority any so called revolution carried out under the banner of Common Ownership will inevitably mean a dictatorship will follow. From Capitalism to Socialism. . . how we live and how we could live

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