<< Post- Capitalism - the 8-fold path >>

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1. Everything is owned by the rich 5%, while the poor 95% do all the work.

 2. These two groups or classes, are always going to be at loggerheads because of it.

 3. This dispute will only be settled when the 95% organise and abolish private ownership and run a democratic system of communal ownership and free access instead.

 4. When we do this, there will be no further oppression of any sort.

 5. But we must do it ourselves, without leaders.

 6. Since we can’t fight governments and armies, we must organise to take them over by political means and abolish them along with the rich.

 7. We must oppose any party or group which wants to keep or reform the present system, no matter how well intentioned.

 8. We must call upon all workers to organise to do this, in the interests of ourselves, our children and the future of the planet.

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