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Cameron's 'assault on poverty' pledge belied by new figures

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 It is at the point of production exploitation takes place. Robert Tressell's Ragged Trousered Philanthropists piece on waged slavery is still applicable today.

 Poverty is both actual and relative.

 Capitalism is global and will continue to exploit locally and globally to extract surplus value from the workers it employs on a waged rationed access basis. It must 'exploit or die' its watchword, Accumulate! Accumulate!
" comes dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt". (Marx)

 We need to have a dialogue with fellow workers worldwide, and make our common cause about abolishing waged slavery and establishing a post-capitalist commonly owned world of free access for all, in re callable delegated democratic conditions of social equality.

 It can not be reformed and must be replaced by a post-capitalist society, a commonly owned, production for use ,not for sale society.

Which has free access to the common produce.

Which is a money free,wage free,market free society.

Which has delegated democracy over 'resources' . Not representative democracy over 'people'.

" The emancipation of the working classes must be conquered by the working classes themselves. We cannot, therefore, co-operate with people who openly state that the workers are too uneducated to emancipate themselves and must be freed from above by philanthropic big bourgeois and petty bourgeois.’ (1879 Marx and Engels )

Cameron's 'assault on poverty' pledge belied by new figures

 7 October 2015

In response to Maynewacorn

The lack of a place to live has damn all to do with immigration and everything to do with the capitalist market economy.

You need to stop blaming fellow workers, begging governments for reforms and start constructive action to remove capitalism from the face of the earth in common with workers world wide.
Don't victimise yourself, or others.
Revolutionise yourself.

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Labour leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn wins place on ballot for leadership
In response to theUpsetter

You are deluded then.If you are born poor you will die poor with so few exceptions as to make no difference.

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In response to yshani

"Wankers, skivers and fraudsters will be subjected to benefit cuts"

Since when have the capitalist parasite class been subject to this? They have been the beneficiaries of government largesse since time immemorial (ALL government is in their interests)as well as exploiting wage workers for profit.

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In response to Liberte Togo

If you are on PAYE it is your employer who pays the tax.Tax is a cost on the employer class generally (apart from VAT and local council taxes).
What you get is the bottom line in your payslip. If you had the nominal tax cost reduced your wage would be reduced also as the employer recouped this cost.

Instead of making selfish (Uncle Tom) capitalist arguments you should consider getting up off your knees and making common cause in humanity's interest, with workers worldwide to abolish the wages system and usher in the global, post-capitalist free access ,market-less,priceless,moneyless society.

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"The truth is that the deficit was not the problem: it was the solution. What the much-maligned government of Gordon Brown did was to recognise this, and act accordingly."
As far as solutions go,governments can do very little. Brown's intervention may have delayed the whole thing going tits up. But..
I hold no brief for the banks, but they did not cause the present slump. This was caused by capitalism’s tendency to overproduce for particular markets in a boom, not by monetary policy or institutional arrangements, even if they were an exacerbating factor.

There is no solution inside capitalism for these periodic crises,neither more or less austerity or more or less spending on infrastructure by governments, nor ever will we see, despite Brown's premature announcement to the contrary , "an end to boom and bust".

It is the rate of profit that is the driving force in capitalist production, and nothing is produced save what can be produced at a profit.
"The development of the productive forces of social labour is capital’s historic mission and justification. For that very reason, it unwittingly creates the material conditions for a higher form of production.” (Capital Volume III, p 368).

Profit before people’s needs is the lifeblood of capitalism; capitalism has done its job; now is the time for ‘ a higher form of production’, i.e. a global democratic,post-capitalist, production for use, commonly owned,free access,moneyless,socialism.

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In response to Amying

Here is a 1984 take on 'Spare Rib' from a revolutionary perspective by Britain's oldest socialist party and second oldest political party.

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In response to dooliebrother

No they (global capitalism) just exported the jobs and reduced skills levels,then reduced the wages,actually and relatively under the 'disguise' of equal pay for equal work, so they needed topped up by the state.

We don't need more equal wage slavery but the end of the wages system and a commonly-owned,free access, post-capitalist moneyless world will ensure equal access to the wealth we collectively produce without elites.

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It is absurd to pretend that governments can manage economies in the first place. in fact their job is to manage 'us' in the interests of the parasite economic class of exploiters, who pay big bucks to support their elections to this end regardless of which party label they are flying under.
All of the political parties,Left,Right, Centre, represent sections of the capitalist class, hence their insistence upon reassuring the electorate of their 'business friendly ' nature.
This ensures that whatever political hue the elected reps are, the electorate,like turkeys voting for xmas, remain in conditions of waged slavery,subject to the dictates of the capitalist market.
Abolish the wages system and establish an real democracy where everything is owned in common and controlled democratically without the need of rationing of access via wages,prices, or policing by politician overseers.

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In response to brockleybabe

If their first duty is to get elected to 'government' then they are not operating in the interests of the workers.The are just another capitalist party,which they are anyway but various supporters and enemies,see them as some kind of 'socialism' light.

They are not socialists (never were so).

It is time for workers to stop supporting 'business friendly' parties of capitalism and envisage how we may usher in the new,global post-capitalist future where we won't need governments 'over' us and can run a commonly owned,free access global democracy for ourselves.
Abolish the wages system,you have a world to win.

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In response to SocialDemocrat01

Left ,Right,Centrist is still part of the same exploitative capitalist cesspit.

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In response to catchanddrive

They shouldn't as it is impossible for any government to do so. Capitalism can not be tamed and must be replaced.

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Just as long as you don't equate getting elected to 'govern' as being anything to do with socialism, or anything to do with the interests of the working class.
"The Labour Party's never been a socialist party, but it's always had socialists in it, just as there are some Christians in the Church, it's an exact parallel." (TonyBenn)
Real socialism is a post-capitalist society not some business friendly stitch-up of the workers.

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He has learned nothing as have his supporters.If you are convinced, however, that groups or parties promising reforms deserve your support, we would urge you to consider the following points.

 The campaign, whether directed at right-wing or left-wing governments, will often only succeed if it can be reconciled with the profit-making needs of the system. In other words, the reform will often be turned to the benefit of the capitalist class at the expense of any working class gain.

 Any reform can be reversed and eroded later if a government finds it necessary.
Reforms rarely, if ever, actually solve the problem they were intended to solve.

 This was summed up by William Morris over a century ago: "The palliatives over which many worthy people are busying themselves now are useless because they are but unorganised partial revolts against a vast, wide-spreading, grasping organisation which will, with the unconscious instinct of a plant, meet every attempt at bettering the conditions of the people with an attack on a fresh side."

 The profit motive of capitalism is a major cause of the problems we face in today's society: ever increasing inequality, poverty, alienation, crime, homelessness, environmental degradation—the list could go on and on. There are countless ways in which the working class (and indeed the capitalist class) suffer as a result of the profit system. Unless we organise for a revolutionary alternative, the profit system will continue on its blind, unswerving path.

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In response to ABitRightWing

Real socialists do not have nor do they need, leaders.The Labour Party has never been a socialist party.

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In response to SocialDemocrat01

The problem is that you are willing to give your power away to representative governments when in reality they only can represent the interests of the capitalist class and govern 'over' you.

The world has the productive capacity to provide a high standard of living for all, to provide security and comfort for all, to create safe workplaces and clean industries.

The only thing keeping us from reaching these goals is that the workers don't own and control that productive capacity; it is owned and controlled by a few who use it solely to profit themselves.

Instead of the conservative motto: “A fair day's wage for a fair day's work!” they [the working class] ought to inscribe on their banner the revolutionary watchword: “Abolition of the wages system!" - Marx, Value, Price and Profit,

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For the truth is that, however ardently old Labour spoke of Socialism and New Labour the abolition of poverty, they and their party have contracted for neither. The Labour Party,since its foundation were as dangerous to the Capitalist system as a pantomime lion to its audience.
"While theologians are disputing the existence of a hell elsewhere, we are on the way to realising it here: and if capitalism is to endure, whatever may become of men when they die, they will come into hell when they are born." – William Morris

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To project a change of a 'governing' party as a potential 'alternative', is Capital's great electoral trick.

 It stands alongside the "Great Money Trick" and waged slavery,clothed in the ideological rhetoric of Freedom and Liberty,which consists of freedom to plunder surplus value from the wage worker and liberty to globalise this plunder at the point of a gun if necessary.

  Rather than contemplate a change of government 'over' you ,consideration needs to be given to a change of the economic and political system in order to establish a post-capitalist ,common ownership with a delegated democracy ,which requires administration being the preserve of the majority in conditions of free access to the collective produce of this majority and the elimination of privileged ownership and control mechanisms.
We have a world to win.
" Rise, like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many—they are few! (Shelley Masque of Anarchy)

There is no alternative inside capitalism, regardless of whether ,Left, Right, Centrist, Green, Red,Blue, Purple Yellow banners are affixed to its political whores.

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